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Reshape and prolong life for everyone.

We deeply understand our products are directly related to patients’ lives, and even the slightest deviation could cause significant impact. Because of this, we work to relentlessly master every detail of our medical technologies to prolong and reshape the lives of patients everywhere. That’s our purpose, and it’s how we remain true to our beliefs and committed to the core values we uphold. These principles are essential to the relationships we build with our partners and customers. And it’s evident in every detail of our workday.


We relentlessly pursue excellence and are uncompromising where quality is concerned. We express a passionate pursuit of maintaining the highest standard along with a continuous improvement strategy in all aspects of our business. Our products are directly related to patients’ lives and therefore even a minute deviation could cause significant impact.

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We believe that reputation and conduct of a company is the key to success. We comply with the highest morality and business ethics, treat everyone including our employees and customers with the utmost respect and treat our work with sincerity.

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We demonstrate the imagination and pioneering spirit that make MicroPort a leading innovator in our industry. We transform insights into knowledge quickly and efficiently to maximize physician and patient benefits.

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