The Profemur® line of primary hip stems has an established clinical history. Each Profemur® hip stem offers its own philosophy to provide fixation and replace bone anatomy.

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HA coated triple taper stem philosophy

With a reduced lateral shoulder convenient for tissue-sparing surgical techniques, the Profemur® L hip stem is a tapered wedge stem used primarily for hip replacement surgery. The unique shape of this three point fixation stem allows for secure medial and lateral contact with the cortical bone. A thick HA coating and an anteroposterior taper allow contact in the frontal plane. Rotational stability is enhanced by vertical grooves, while horizontal grooves are designed to maximize a more even distribution of load forces.

Profemur® L Hip Stem Profemur l stem side 0 540x300 1

Design Features

  • Established Design Philosophy
    • Developed based on the wide experience of the hydroxyapatite (HA) fully coated stems1
  • Double Taper Geometry
    • Optimizes metaphyseal primary stability and load transfer to encourage rapid bone response to the HA extensive coating2
  • Macro Features
    • Horizontal grooves promote proximal load transfer, while rectangular cross-section and vertical grooves provide rotational stability
  • Ease of Hip Stem Insertion
    • Facilitated by a bone-conserving, reduced lateral shoulder and tapered distal geometry
Profemur® L Hip Stem Profemur L Classic 01 540x300 1

Product Options

  • 180um Hydroxyapatite coating
  • Sizes 1–11
  • Straight (135°) and Varus (127°) Neck Angles
  • Short, Medium, and Long Neck Lengths
  • Classic and Modular
Profemur® L Hip Stem Profemur l hip stem side 540x300 1


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