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Short stem philosophy

Designed to conserve bone in a primary Total Hip Arthroplasty, the Profemur® Preserve hip stem offers a shorter design that allows more of the patient’s natural bone to remain in place as compared to a longer distal stem. This stem also features a reduced lateral shoulder and curved distal geometry ideal for tissue sparing surgical techniques such as the Superior and Direct Anterior approaches. Plasma spray coating and the "tri-taper" geometry are designed to allow for initial fixation and proximal load transfer to discourage bone resorption typically caused by stress shielding.

Design Features

  • Rotational stability
    • Trapezoidal cross-section and wedge shaped geometry allow for four-point fixation along the four corners within the femoral canal1
  • Fixation
    • Proximal plasma spray coating and distal grit-blasted surface provide press-fit, initial fixation and bone apposition
  • Ease of hip stem insertion
    • Facilitated by a reduced lateral shoulder and curved distal geometry
  • Intraoperative flexibility
    • Consistent medial curvature and optimized neck lengths aid in proper sizing and fit

Product Options

  • Sizes 1–12
  • Straight (135°) and Varus (127°) neck angles
  • Classic and modular
Profemur® Preserve Hip Stem Micro Port Profemur Preserve Classic Straight View 540x300 1


I feel the Profemur® Preserve stem fits the proximal femur much better than other stems on the market. And the ease of trials going in and out with the different neck lengths as well as the heads, I feel like it's very easy to make your leg lengths, and your offset perfect every time.

- Dr. Andrew Ajluni MD, Detriot, MI


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