The medial-pivot insert is designed to allow normal motion and natural function by replicating the native structure of the knee and providing a highly-conforming surface on the medial side.1

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The MicroPort Orthopedics' Advance® medial-pivot knee system was launched in 1998, making it the first medial-pivot knee system available on the market. A culmination of years of research and design by Wright Medical and Dr. J. David Blaha resulted in a truly unique knee replacement design. With over 20 years of documented usage, MicroPort Orthopedics line of Medial-Pivot products have been used in over 600,000 cases in 70 countries worldwide. Patient reported satisfaction with a Medial-Pivot prosthesis is 95%, while the Medial-Pivot design has achieved outstanding clinical success worldwide, with documented 98.8% survivorship at 17 years.2

A recent study also confirmed higher patient satisfaction when knees are balanced with a tighter medial compartment.3

MicroPort Orthopedics provides a full Evolution® medial-pivot continuum of care, offering a primary knee with both cemented and cementless options. A stemmed primary for both the femur and tibia, and a revision portfolio featuring a CCK with medial-pivot articulation.

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Evolution® knee system

The Evolution® medial-pivot knee system delivers superior flexion stability, anatomic motion, and wear–limiting design.

Evolution Medial-Pivot Knee System
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Advance® knee system

With a stable, pivoting medial side, the Advance® medial-pivot knee is designed to feel and function like a natural knee.

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Traditional knee replacements have been shown to exhibit anterior/posterior translation, which decreases stability and can cause early revisions4-5. Through medial ball-in-socket articulation, coupled with lateral mobility, the Evolution® medial-pivot knee system has been formulated to maximize stability throughout the range of motion.

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The Evolution® medial-pivot knee system enhances quadriceps efficiency and reduces the quadriceps avoidance found in traditional knee replacements. By enhancing quadriceps efficiency, the patient can have increased proprioception and a more normal feeling knee.6

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The Evolution® knee with NitrX™ coating features a titanium niobium nitride (TiNbN) coating that has been shown to reduce the release of cobalt (Co), chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), and molybdenum (Mb) ions common in standard CoCr implants.9 The Evolution® knee with NitrX™ coating maintains the kinematic benefits of the Medial-Pivot design10, resulting in optimal stability.11

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The Evolution® medial-pivot insert features an anterior raised lip, to replicate the function of the PCL, and a posterior raised lip, to replicate the function of the ACL, acting like an ACL-PCL substituting knee.

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In-vivo long-term clinical studies have consistently shown that medial-pivot design achieves equal or higher degrees of flexion than traditional posterior stabilized (PS) knee design, with an average of 124°.1;7-8


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